City of Knowledge

The Journey of Choices

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"A 'Philosophy'... for all ages"

"The Journey of Choices"


An Explanation by the authors, Victoria and Roberto:


Come join us in this experience ... The lessons embedded in "The Journey of Choices"  City of Knowledge, that occur in the story of Bowen and Alis, are a mirror of the lessons observed in the 'real life' trainings the authors have offered for the past 35 years to people in the area of Self-Empowerment and Life Purpose Discovery.

City of Knowledge

A 'GREAT' read with a captivating story of Instructional fantasy and reality that takes one into the realm of ...  

'the magic of life', while learning the easy steps to move forward, by making a difference in your own life and the life of others.


Thought-provoking in the extreme, "The Journey of Choices," City of Knowledge is a definite page-turner.

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Victoria and Roberto