The Journey of Choices

City of Knowledge


Victoria and Roberto

Firenze Italy


Roberto moved to the U.S. in 1968 and attended Boston University, where he received a degree in physics.  He later moved to Cleveland, Ohio to work as a research scientist for 10 years.  In 1976, Roberto received an MBA degree at Cleveland State University, where having taken several courses in psychology, he became intrigued with human predictability and the human mind. Roberto then moved to West Los Angeles in California and in 1981 he founded a consortium of university professors to provide clients with strategic business development services and marketing program designs.  


In 1981, Roberto also started teaching business development, marketing and consumer decision making psychology in the graduate programs of California’s second largest private accredited university.   Today, Roberto is a graduate school instructor for the largest accredited university in the United States.  Since 1981, Roberto, a public speaker and university instructor (often called ‘Professor’ by his students) has addressed over 60,000 students and seminar participants and discussed how they could eliminate ineffective practices, to achieve personal success.  In his discourse with so many participants, the ‘Prof’ observed that (13) Thirteen Life Rules seem to yield personal and professional success and self fulfillment.  


In 1994 Victoria, an experienced coach and trainer, a creative graphic artist, and an impeccable advertising editor, joined Roberto’s strategic development and coaching consortium in West Los Angeles.   Victoria’s father was the publisher of a series of newspapers in Washington State prior to moving to California.  At a very early age in her life, Victoria inherited the importance of language and the power of written words, that has continued to this day in her life.  Victoria trained with one of the largest self- development organizations in the U.S. for several years, Victoria recognized and confirmed Roberto’s research and findings with regards to what ‘Causes’ people to succeed in their lives.   


Married in 1994.  They were inspired by the wonderful spiritual surroundings of Sedona, AZ and in 2012, Roberto and Victoria decided to write a ‘Magical’ Instructional Fantasy story, called The Journey of Choices ~ City of Knowledge where animals and trees speak, and where good defeats evil, with the (13) Thirteen Life Mastership Rules embedded in the contents of The Journey of Choices ~ City of Knowledge story.  While Roberto’s observations and research drove the content of The Journey of Choices ~ City of Knowledge book, Victoria’s impeccable organizational and graphic skills converted the draft into a book as it is now shared with the public. 

The Magical Land of Sedona, AZ